Talent Management

Being an online personality can be incredibly gratifying; not only do you have a platform to share your experiences, but you’re able to build a community to connect and inspire, getting paid to do what you love. 

With that comes a unique set of challenges. Explorer Media’s management services allows you to focus on connecting with your audience, grow your channels, and produce top quality content.

As an influencer management agency, we’re committed to providing a full service experience for our talent, including strategy sessions, brand building, business development, brand experiences, and influencer marketing. We specialize in solidifying the brands of influencers on the rise; making sure our talent are stepping to the next level of influencing with a solidified presence and growing brand.

Whether you’re a beauty guru, live streaming gamer, or lifestyle blogger, you’re in the right place to find support while you explore growing your brand.

What Explorer Media Talent Management Can Do for You

Brand Building

As an influencer, you’re not just a person, you’re a brand! We’ll work with you to review our online presence, establish your ideal branding, and build a plan to generate more awareness around your brand.

Strategy Sessions

Regular sessions reviewing the current status of your digital presence, establishing growth metrics and benchmarks and brainstorming new strategy approaches.

Business Development

Once you’ve nailed down your brand, we’ll help you build a business around it, exactly as you imagine. From brand deals to freelancing to merch.

Campaign Management

We offer end to end management of your campaigns. From connecting you with businesses, managing the deliverable requirements, negotiating the best price, getting content approvals, and following up for testimonials and reviews. 

Exclusive Perks

As a managed influencer, you’re eligible for info sessions, graphic design help, SEO copywriting assistance, and marketing templates.