Marketing Monday: Summer Small Business Package

Happy Monday everyone! It’s the last few days of March and all you fellow LBI locals know what that means. It’s time to jump into summer! Around here in April and May, small businesses reopen for the summer after limited hours of being closed over the winter. New items coming in, new stores opening up, old favorites opening new locations, and slowly but surely, summer tourists are starting to arrive across the LBI region.

It also means that the very little downtime many small business owners on LBI had is just about to disappear. Running a business, managing employees, adjusting to COVID restrictions, dealing with island traffic, and then on top of all that, remembering to stay on top of your small business’s marketing! That’s a website, digital communications, email marketing, social media marketing, and more which can be a lot to balance. And I might be a little biased in saying this, but marketing is a key element to growing your business. 

The key to growing any business is to be where your customers are, exist where they are spending their time. More than ever, people will be looking for your business online. It’s the best place to reach your target audience, but it takes time and consistency to do so. Even though social media marketing is a major element of growing a business, having the time to put into it is a luxury that not many small businesses have, and the small businesses in the LBI Region are no exception.

How can that level of digital marketing work and development be attainable for small businesses? Working with an expert. That doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars on inauthentic content. Explorer Media is offering a new Summer Small Business package, allowing you to work directly with a social media manager who knows LBI Region business like the back of their hand for just $500 a month. I have spent the last 4+ years not only studying digital marketing, but working with small business and nonprofits in the LBI region to grow their presence online with websites, email marketing, digital communications, and especially social media.

Summer Small Business Package

This package is the first of it’s kind from Explorer Media and features:

  • 3 Facebook posts per week
  • 3 Instagram posts per week
  • Hashtag strategy
  • Mini analytics reports every month
  • 1 hour per week on-site to shoot and plan social media content with you

I want to work with you to develop a content plan that you are excited about, shoot photos that are unique to your brand, and write captions from a perspective that feels honest and true to who you are. Each client will have an initial call to discuss where your business is now, your goals, what we can do, and when to begin. Together we will schedule our first on-site session, shooting content for the week to come and preparing the upcoming social calendar. Then at the end of every month, you’ll receive a mini analytics report from me, reporting on changes, top posts, and early thoughts for the following month.

The Summer Small Business package is a unique opportunity for those looking to develop a strong base for their online marketing and outreach. It is only available to businesses in the LBI Region of Southern Ocean County for a limited time and acts as your first step into working with a digital marketer. If you want to learn more about the Summer Small Business package, contact Explorer Media at or find us on Facebook and Instagram.

The Summer Small Business package is available to new clients only. Client is eligible for promotional package pricing for a maximum of 3 months. After the three month promotional period, client will have the opportunity to move into a standard social media management/digital marketing contract with Explorer Media LLC. Please contact Explorer Media at for more information.

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