About Explorer Media

A digital agency providing influencer management and digital marketing services

Explorer Media was founded in 2019, designed to help small businesses and nonprofits build a well-rounded and community-driven presence online. In 2022, we expanded our services to provide education, resources, and management to influencers of all sizes with the same goal, building a well-rounded and community-driven presence online.

Meet Your Marketer

Coming from a family of social media marketers, web developers, bloggers, and all around computer nerds, you could say digital runs in my blood. As a full service digital marketer, I’m a social media manager who lives to take on fun new projects. I love taking every opportunity to put myself in my clients shoes, and developing new strategies to help you grow online. 

About Me, Moira

I grew up glued to my computer screen, so I was bound to end up in digital from the start! I always loved learning more about everything online, and the day I learned about Facebook, I was shook. Before shook was a thing. 

I have loved watching social media change over time, and always tried as much as I can about each platform and tool. I was fascinated to see how businesses used all these tools to grow. And then Influencers came onto the scene? Mind. Blown. 

I naturally gravitated to Digital Marketing for my love of social media and the entire online world. 

As a kid, my mom was an OG mom blogger. Like coded her own website, traded guest slots, and traveled to New York for meet ups. Watching this women-led influencer industry grow and change from moms blogging and just making friends, to women who are running multi-million dollar businesses. It’s amazing to see. 

When I’m Not Working

When I’m not working, I try to spend most of my time away from the screen. Going out to run is my favorite way to decompress. Putting on a good playlist or podcast and just go for as long as I can is my favorite way to start my days. I also love learn learning to cook and bake new recipes, and taking on any new challenges in the kitchen. 
And the best way to wind down after working all day is either with a good book, playing with my dog, or writing for my favorite side project, my blog

Interested in Working Together?

We’re always looking to connect! Send a message and we’ll go from there. 

Influencer Management

Management by Explorer Media is a full-service experience. We work with you to deepen your brand, build your business, and develop a stronger web presence, all working towards connecting you with bigger and better brand deals.

We work with influencers of all sizes, from fashion bloggers to new moms, gamers to artists and more!